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Cost Management Reduce costs through the evaluation of your company’s connection requirements and optimization of transport & network technologies.  Telecom is a highly competitive industry which means that you can take advantage of periodic pricing shifts.  We help our customers negotiate the most competitive prices.  Additionally, Comtuity helps our customers maximize their telecom budget by periodically auditing their carrier invoices as well as reviewing their circuit design & communication requirements.  Recovery of funds from errors on bills is a service we provide on a regular basis to our clients.

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Network Lifecycle Planning & Management –Today’s networks are dynamic and often expand and contract, evolving as the demands of your organization, your employees and your customers change.   Comtuity takes a lifecycle approach to managing our customer’s networks.

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Network Optimization Network Optimization enables our customer’s to keep their environment operating at peak efficiency. Network Optimization tasks range from keeping routers and switches patched and up to date to identifying and resolving data bottlenecks. Our telecom advocates can provide technical expertise and keep you apprised of new services, optimization techniques and emerging technologies that will help your company improve access to mission critical applications.

Employing network optimization solutions enables our customers to:

  • Reduce application latency to remote offices
  • Create redundant paths to ensure application availability
  • Centralize network management & administration
  • Decrease operating and ongoing management costs
  • Maximize bandwidth utilization

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Vendor & Project Management - We augment our customer’s existing staff without adding long-term payroll expenses for full time cost analysts and project managers.   We manage supplier relationships and network deployments so that your project comes in on time and on budget. 

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Disaster Recovery Planning Through Disaster recovery and business continuity planning, we help our customers to prepare for and protect against disruptive events—whether the event is a hacker attack, a virus, a snow storm, a fire, a flood, disaster recoverya power failure or a cable cut caused by a construction backhoe in the street or parking lot.  We work with our customers to outline the procedures to be followed in the event of major unplanned outages.  These procedures are designed to minimize the adverse effects of the disaster.  Through good DR planning our goal is to identify and classify the risks that may lead to disasters; we define the resources and processes that ensure business continuity during the disaster; and we define the actions that will be taken to get the business back to normal state after the effects of the disaster are mitigated.

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Security, Compliance Auditing & Planning - Hackers, spam, spyware and viruses can steal or destroy valuable company data and disrupt network availability.  COMtuity assists our customers in managing & mitigating these risks.  Additionally, we work with our customers to make network security a top priority and to achieve compliance with regulatory laws around accounting, credit card processing and medical privacy standards (PCI, SOX, HIPAA).  We offer services that range from network security audits to comprehensive managed security solutions.

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Comtuity can also provide options and strategic recommendations by Technology.

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With the COMtuity Advocacy service model, our customers experience lower telecom & employee expense. Using an agent like COMtuity is like having a highly experienced telecom consulting team working & advocating for you - at no cost. We help you do the hard work of carrier management, contract negotiations & management, cost auditing, inventory management, service & escalation management, and technology planning & research. Consider us an extension of your IT & Network Team.