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DATA SERVICES - Wide Area Network (WAN) is a telecommunication network that connects offices across a broad area which could be metropolitan, state, regional, or national in scope. We help business, education and government entities to design & optimize WANs to share data among employees, clients, buyers, students and suppliers from various geographical locations. 

  • Point to Point
  • DS1, DS3 & OCx
  • MPLS
  • Frame & ATM
  • VPN
  • Ethernet
  • Cable

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Voice Services - Voice services enable local calling, Long Distance, & Toll Free phone service. We help our customers with traditional & cloud dial tone services that facilitate everything from incoming phone calls, outgoing phone calls, to faxes, alarms and more. 

  • Analog Lines
  • Integrated T1s
  • Voice T1s (PRI or DSS)
  • SIP Trunks & VoIP
  • Long Distance

We work with our clients to analyze and provision the correct quantity and right type of voice services to ensure that their business communications with customers, partners and vendors will always be highly available and cost effective.

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IP PHONE SYSTEMS - COMtuity works with our customers in the migration to IP Phone technology which is transforming the way companies and employees work and communicate. We assist our customers with an independent evaluation of IP Phone systems which integrate communication tasks such as video conferencing, instant messaging, voicemail, fax, mobility and online collaboration.

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CONFERENCING SERVICES - In today’s work place audio, web, and video conferencing has become the go to method of hosting meetings.  COMtuity designs conferencing services for our clients that allow them to collaborate economically, efficiently and ecologically.   When you need to demonstrate a product, get a project update from a vendor or host weekly sales meetings with remote teams we can help you design a conferencing solution that allows you to quickly and effectively bring people together.

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CLOUD SERVICES - Managed, Highly Available & Secure Data & Voice Services Cloud as a computing technology is rapidly gaining in popularity in corporate America. COMtuity helps customers to evaluate cloud technologies which offer many benefits including:  business continuity & disaster recovery, access to and use of productivity applications, server & application monitoring, data storage, hosted voice, and security services.  Many of our customers also find that cloud computing offers lower barriers to entry because of shared infrastructure, costs and low management overhead. Some popular cloud based services include Salesforce.com, Hosted Exchange or Google's Gmail, Hosted PBX and Hosted Storage.  Our cloud advocacy services are divided into four primary categories:

  • Hosted PBX/VOIP
  • SaaS - Software as a Service
  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
  • PaaS - Platform as a Service

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DATA CENTER, CO-LOCATION & HOSTING SERVICES - COMtuity offers Data Center, Co-Location and Hosting Facility solutions for our customers to house computer systems and associated network & data storage components. Based on our client’s requirements, our Data Center designs will include redundant power sources, redundant data communication connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security systems.  A thoughtfully designed data center solution will assure the integrity, availability and functionality our customer’s enterprise computer environment.

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ADVANCED SERVICES - Depend on COMtuity to provide straight-forward, carrier-neutral, and industry- expertise in the following areas:

  • Network Lifecycle Planning and Management
  • Network Optimization
  • Cost Management
  • Vendor & Project Management
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Security & Compliance Planning

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Comtuity can also provide options and strategic recommendations by Requirement.

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Our commitment to providing value to your business does not end when we install a circuit and leave your facility. You can count on our advocates to assist you in the day to day management of your network and assist your company in achieving your business, technical, and financial goals.