Why COMtuity

Industry Experience:  
We focus on network & telecom services in order to be a highly qualified support resource that can address any network or tele-communications requirement for our clients.

Delivering Distinctive Value: 
Our commitment to providing value to your business does not end when we install a circuit and leave your facility.  You can count on our advocates to assist you in the day to day management of your network and assist your company in achieving your business, technical, and financial goals.

Save Time & Increase Efficiency:
With the COMtuity Advocacy service model, our customers experience lower telecom & employee expense.  Using an agent is like having a highly experienced telecom consulting team working & advocating for you - at no cost. We help you do the hard work of carrier management, contract negotiations & management, cost auditing, inventory management, service & escalation management, and technology planning & research.  Consider us an extension of your IT & Network Team.

Long-Term Partnership:  
The COMtuity Advocacy team provides our customers with a greater level of service consistency, innovation, stewardship and technical value than traditional telecom partnerships.  Long-term business relationships are what we strive for.

Free Analysis

We are an extension of your IT resources

  • The network is running slow and users are complaining…How do you improve network performance?
  • Phone, data and internet bills are increasing...How do you audit & control these telecom expenses?
  • Your company is opening a new branch office and you are responsible for bringing it online…How do you select the best Network solution, verify pricing and manage a successful integration?

Through our free client advocacy services we help companies to proactively manage Network and IT challenges while saving them time and money.