Businesses that invest in technology fare better than those that don’t.  We’re the people who make it all happen for your company.

Yes! In most engagements we are able to represent your business through our Lifecycle Management Model without billing you for any of our time and efforts. COMtuity provides you with the luxury of having multiple carriers fighting to earn your business – not only are our services at no cost to you, but you will also have the peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best rates and terms for all of your technology services.

Simple! Call or email us to get the conversation started. We will spend time getting to know your business, your technology requirements and needs, and importantly, what you are looking to accomplish. From there we put together a strategy to help you attain your goals with an efficient and logical plan.

Every client receives a fully custom strategy and plan. Depending on your company’s requirements and needs, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Call us to discuss your specific technology landscape and we’ll help you with a timeline, budget and strategy.

Our access to over 400 technology partners makes us a valuable and robust technology partner. We recommend clients reach out to us with any new or upcoming projects so that we can match the best tech partner to your business needs. It never costs you anything to ask and might save you thousands of dollars versus trying to find the right technology partner on your own.

No, there are not contracts with COMtuity directly.  You will sign directly with the technology provider that you agree is the best choice for your company. We are here to earn your trust and business and in doing so, we do not require any commitments on your behalf to work with us.

Yes. COMtuity contributes a highly experienced technology consulting team to work and advocate for your company – at no cost. We shoulder the work of carrier management, contract negotiations, cost auditing, and technology research and planning.

Here are important reasons to choose to partner with us:

  • Your long-term success matters to us. Our goal is long-term happy clients that don’t repeatedly need to find a new representative to work with.
  • Monthly savings and billing clarity. We make sure you don’t pay for things you don’t want or need. “Fluff” could be costing your company thousands of dollars, and we regularly uncover these kinds of extras on your bills during our cost and billing audits.
  • Knowledge of incentives and promotions. Because we work with multiple carriers and clients, we have information access to numerous incentives and promotions carriers may be offering. In contrast, when you work with a carrier directly, you only have access to their deals and promotions.
  • We’re Tech Savvy. One goal of every one of our clients is to save money and increase productivity. We understand multiple technology partners’ offerings, attend trainings, and are well-versed in carrier technologies. This puts COMtuity in the best position to recommend technology solutions and decisions that support your company’s IT needs.

Consider us an extension of your IT and Network team – we don’t just ‘deal’ with your team, we become a valued and worthwhile part of your team. We are invested in your success, and give thoughtful consideration to your business needs, rather than simply trying to close deals.

We’re in the business of Significant Improvements.

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