COMtuity assembles a one-of-a-kind suite of carrier services to improve the entire technology ecosystem of your business.

Our Pillars of Success Guide Everything We Do

Our clients don’t need impractical data and poorly implemented recommendations, they need a better understanding of what is possible to improve their company through technology.

Every project begins by dissecting a client’s current technologies to gain knowledge and clarity regarding ‘what is’ so we can offer guidance and expertise to envision ‘what can be’ in accordance with client goals.  Meticulous audits are where we find answers to real questions, issues and opportunities, and where we are able to craft a vastly improved future technology ecosystem.

COMtuity helps clients reimagine their technology landscape, starting first with learning everything we can about ‘what is’ by means of envisioning ‘what can be’ to improve a company’s technology and bottom line.

COMtuity has been helping companies utilize technology to grow and improve for 15 years, and as the saying goes: “we know a thing or two”.

We are well-versed in executing complex technology ecosystems and believe best possible outcomes are possible only when proper planning and preparation is embraced and methodically put into place. This creates an environment of predictability and success for the project (assumptions not welcome).


Today’s networks are dynamic and often expand and contract, evolving as the demands of your organization, your employees and your customers change.

COMtuity takes a lifecycle approach to designing and managing networks, including technology upkeep, to maintain an operational environment of peak efficiency.


COMtuity uses a straightforward approach to getting the best, and the most, for clients. We’re fierce negotiators, and consistently get pleasing results for client. Read our Case Studies.

Here’s how we create value at the negotiation table:

  • Listen we ask questions and listen carefully to the answers, gather information, and crunch the data and the numbers to create a baseline for what makes sense, and where improvements can be achieved
  • Explore the alternatives – and assess for best viability in meeting customer needs and wants
  • Set the stage for success – prepare and plan for predictable, not assumptive, results
  • Add value to every project and every deal
  • Build relationships it takes takes time and diligence to build real trust with our carriers, and our efforts create enormous value for clients at the negotiating table.
  • Bargain in good faith real value lies in how a thing is done, not in the thing itself. We manage negotiations and generate value for clients by mindfully moving toward the ‘zone of potential agreement’, which symbolizes each party’s motivation to bargain in good faith.

Ingenuity – the quality of being clever, original, and inventive – is the foundation of our entire technology services business.

We imbue this quality into assessments, strategies, tech ecosystem designs, and even negotiations because it brings together our experience with thinking and actions to collectively take advantage of opportunities and overcome problems.

Today’s technology environments are highly complex interactions of individuals, companies, and networks. COMtuity’s ability to generate best possible solutions comes from our full exploration of a client’s technology needs and wants, and then applying ingenious approaches to meet the vision and goals.


Hackers, spam, spyware and viruses can steal or destroy valuable company data and disrupt network availability. COMtuity designs technology ecosystems to manage and mitigate these risks.

We work closely with clients to make network security a top priority and to achieve compliance with regulatory laws regarding accounting, credit card processing, and medical privacy standards (PCI, SOX, HIPAA).

Security services range from network security audits to comprehensive managed security solutions including disaster recovery planning and network optimization to keep tech ecosystems up to date and operating at peak efficiency.

COMtuity consistently and actively contributes value to their clients’ businesses. We breathe new life into outdated technology environments with effective and ingenious strategies and approaches to planning, preparation, implementation, and ongoing oversight.

We’re serious about what we do in crafting tech ecosystems for businesses, and are strongly committed to their ongoing success.  “We have your back” isn’t just something we say, it is a fundamental tenet of everything we do.

We’re in the business of Significant Improvements.

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