We’ve come a long way.

In 1844 Samuel Morse sent the first telegraph message from Washington D.C. to Baltimore. The telephone was invented 22 years later. Now we have entire technology ‘ecosystems’ – networks, cloud computing, IP phones, video conferencing.

COMtuity offers all that and more. Consider us a benefits-driven extension of your IT team.
  • Deep-dive into the technology your business relies on
  • The ultimate negotiators for data, phone, and internet
  • We make complicated simple
  • Advocates and primary point of contact throughout your technology lifecycle
  • No hidden surprises
  • We are not tied to the products of a specific supplier or carrier
  • Big enough to matter, small enough to care

We improve businesses through hard work, smart decisions, and a can-do attitude.

Founded in 2005, COMtuity thrived through the great recession of 2008 because of their outstanding work, solid relationships, and old-fashioned drive. Amanda Cromar joined the business in 2008 and took over the business in 2014 after the founder, Amanda’s Mom Carrie retired. David Clark joined COMtuity in 2015, and together he and Amanda have created a powerhouse duo of efficiency and productivity on behalf of companies very large to small.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure applies. We thrive on audit data and develop ingenious tech environments for clients.

We’re in the business of Significant Improvements. We won’t waste your time, we will generate cost savings, and you will gain time and better continuity across all of your technologies.

We seek new technology solutions, consider the options, weigh alternatives, anticipate best case worst case outcomes, and make informed decisions before carrying through with the plan. Preparation is key and we never skip that step.

Core Competencies

A Passion for Helping Businesses Improve, Enhance, and Gain Control over their Technology 100% 100%
Outstanding at Saving You Money and Time through Network and IT Systems Improvements 100% 100%
Tech Infrastructure Ingenuity - Always Thinking Outside the Box 100% 100%
Ecosystem Audits and Data Analysis 100% 100%

We are COMtuity


Amanda Cromar

I strive to become my clients trusted adviser and advocate for any of their business needs or business challenges. I am able to consult with our clients holistically to find the best technology, business, and financial “fit” for their IT needs.

David Clark

My strength is in designing and procuring voice, data, cloud and management services for companies that span the globe or are a single office. I am meticulous in making sure you have the ability to make smart, efficient and effective technology decisions that play a powerful role in growing the business.

Call us. It won’t cost you a dime and could save you thousands.

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