Local Government Municipality

Client Term Savings: Contractually obligated savings of a minimum of $292,068. Guaranteed line reduction rate from $50.34/device to $38.75/device.

Client previously managed all wireless mobility services ‘in-house’. This practice was inefficient and dominated IT staff time and energy to manage. Wireless usage was not managed proactively, resulting in unnecessary spend and overage charges.

COMtuity was engaged to provide a solution that would offload the management responsibilities of the client’s 700+ wireless devices while producing cost savings and added-management services.

Statement of Work:

  • Proactive usage analysis
  • Complete ‘in-month’ service changes to avoid data overages and optimize data pools
  • Device decommissioning service that comply with
  • Centralized billing and management portal
  • Streamlined MACD processes
  • Dedicated Account Management